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Accountant - accounting technician


Accounting technicians are professionals capable of working both in the public sector and the private sector of the economy.  They are capable of working in commercial, industrial and service enterprises where they carry out the recording and the accounting (reporting) of purchase, sales, banking, taxation, production, payroll operations and many others. In this respect, they are responsible for:

  • Recording, administration and presentation of statements relative to payroll in collaboration with the human resource department.
  • Recording of the economic and judicial transactions of the enterprise (purchases, sales, cash movements, banking transactions…)
  • Prepare, examine and analyze accounting records, financial statements and other financial reports to assess the accuracy, completeness and performance of the company.
  • The determination and the declaration of the various taxes eligible by the organization.
  • Reporting to management regarding the finances of the organization.
  • Establishing table of accounts and assign entries to proper accounts.
  • Preparation and analysis of the various budgets, preparing periodic reports that compare budgeted cost to actual cost.

Accountants are needed in all forms of companies as it is an obligation from the law, for a company to handle an accounting. Thus accountants are employed in supermarkets, hypermarkets, industrial enterprises, banks, insurance companies etc.



  • Financial accounting: analysis and follow up of finance
  • Taxation: Value added tax (VAT), Employee Paid social security contributions, Social security contributions, Corporate income tax…
  • Management accounting: management of enterprise (analysis techniques of management…)
  • Integrated Accounting Systems (IAS):  Computerised management Sage SAARI (Accounting, Business management, Payroll) ; DFS