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Computer & Network maintenance technician


Computer maintenance technicians oversee daily computer performance, provide technical support and install new software for computer users. Daily duties may include fielding inquiries, running diagnostic tests to resolve issues and installing updates to existing software. Additionally, technicians may be responsible for setting up new equipment, performing minor repair work and keeping records of service. Technicians may also create manuals and train others on hardware and software. Network technicians install, maintain and troubleshoot Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and data communications equipment. They also analyze and fix network-related problems reported by users. These technicians play important roles as companies make increasing use of networks to improve communication and collaboration, inside and outside the organization.

If you are a computer repair and maintenance technician, you can be employed for computer software development and systems design firms, information technology consulting services, and information technology departments in the private sector (e.g., businesses, cable companies), public sector (e.g., schools, universities, retail outlets), or the government. You can also be self-employed and own a store or work from home (freelance).



  • Basic electronic notions: Tests & measures of electric value and safety of electronic equipment; correct installation of adapted function ….
  • Micro-computer architecture , Assembling and dismantling of a micro-computer : computer components , functioning , configuration & management
  • Local network  set up & management : Network type , OSI , TCP/IP model
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